EverFocus will attend Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 in Germany as an Exhibitor on 13-17 September at the booth: J37 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany

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Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 16, 2022 EverFocus Electronics Corp […]

Taipei, Taiwan, Aug 16, 2022 EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the world-class AI solution-ready package (SRP) provider announced that we will attend Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 in Germany as an Exhibitor on 13-17 September at the booth: J37 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany. EverFocus has committed to developing several practical AI solutions for the commercial vehicle. This time, its our honor to present our high-efficiency and unique products: Smart AI Mirror, Mobile DVR: EMV400FHD-N, and edge computer: eNVP-JNN-IV-V0008 at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022, you dont want to miss it!

At Automechanika Frankfurt, EverFocus will display the live demos of the Smart AI Mirror and the AI functions for smart transportation via the powerful industrial PCs based on the NVIDIA platform and the most advanced Mobile DVRs

The Smart AI Mirror can alert the driver with voice and visual warnings when the BSD camera identifies a pedestrian or cyclist in the vehicle’s blind spot; moreover, its AI recognition and optical flow detection will detect the moving speed and direction of at least one moving object, and then output to the vehicle rearview mirror to display and provide the driver with the vehicle through the rearview mirror. With the voice alarm or visual warning, it can immediately tell and remind the driver, thereby complementing the general rearview mirror for the blind spots and improving driving safety. At the same time, it has passed CE/FCC/EN50155 safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using products. For more product information please come to Automechanika Frankfurt and visit us to explore its hi-tech.

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In terms of Mobile DVR, our total mobile solution for the EMV 400FHD-N is composed of the MDVR and 1080p FHD mobile cameras (EMW912F and EMW935F) for the front-side and back-side of the vehicle. Users can benefit by using EverFocus mobile application, our MobileFocus app (available for iOS and Android), for remote recording, playback, and data backup. For fleet management optimization, EverFocus Xfleet has the function option for real-time GPS, video, route tracking, and operational management. Remote audio recording is available when needed by adding microphones to the Mobile DVR; video and audio playback is available by using EverFocus EF-Reader. Users can store the audio and video data in the SSD disk or SD card in EMV400FHD-N which is made 100% from Taiwan to keep a comprehensive video and audio record of the entire in-vehicle scenes and reach a safer driving environment.

In the customer service aspect, EverFocus upholds the customer-oriented core value and is committed to providing customers with highly customized services. In addition to smart transportation and smart city, EverFocus has successful cases in other vertical markets, such as smart retail and smart campus. According to the needs of customers, EverFocus can not only provide customized hardware but also the AiO (All-in-One) system that has been exclusively developed by EverFocus and can easily integrate various terminal devices, which not only reduces costs but also greatly increases integration efficiency.

It is a precious opportunity to explore the various and practical AI solutions that EverFocus can provide for the customers at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022. EverFocus is excited to see all of you soon!

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