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Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 14, 2023 – EverFocus Electronics Co […]

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Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 14, 2023 – EverFocus Electronics Corporation (TWSE: 5484), the world-class AI solution-ready package (SRP) provider announced that we will attend the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference as an Exhibitor on 14-16 March at booth number: 1-656 & 2-220 (Taiwan Excellence Pavilion) at Nürnberg Exhibition Centre, Germany. EverFocus worked closely with Linkence and SyncBotic and is committed to developing the best AI solution in the world. This exhibition presents in front of you our hi-efficiency and unique solutions/products we have developed together. There are Smarter AI Mirror, AV over IP, Autonomous, Smart logistic and commercial-vehicle solutions and many more products in the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

Smart Transportation Solution
EverFocus is keen to reinforce transportation security and improve driving order and efficiency by contextualizing its AI solutions in smart transportation. eNVP-JNX-IV-V0008 unit is a video analytics embedded computer designed for real-time monitoring tasks for dynamic control of traffic light signaling and connecting EverFocus IP cameras as sensors for data collection. The unit has multiple connectivity options with traffic controllers including data communication to notify the mission control center if any unusual events arise. Furthermore, the system supports remote configuration and updates under the condition of an internet connection. Without a doubt, it’s ideal for integration and application in vertical markets such as dynamic control, traffic violations and vulnerable road user protection.., etc. 


Smarter AI Mirror
The Smarter AI Mirror (Winner of Taiwan Excellence Award 2023) is an application of bionic technology with built-in Neural-network Processing Unit (NPU) that can alert the driver with voice and visual warnings when the BSD camera identifies a pedestrian or cyclist in the vehicle’s blind spot; moreover, its AI recognition and optical flow detection will detect the moving speed and direction of at least one moving object, and then output to the vehicle rearview mirror to display and provide the driver with the vehicle through the rearview mirror.


AV over IP Solution
AV over IP solutions formed by EverFocus AVB- series products for encoding, decoding, and transcoding video sources in any AV application. Please click on the following link for sneak previews. (

Autonomous Solution
Solution for AMR applications, the ARMC-ORN controller is based on TSMC synchronization technology to achieve time sync, time trigger, and time stamping feature for outdoor robot application, integrated this on NVIDIA high AI Processor, provide a multichannel of PPS and time data output for robot sensor to improve sensor fusion accuracy. 



It is a precious opportunity to explore what kinds of AI solutions EverFocus can provide for the customers at Embedded World 2023.

Our booth is located in Hall 1-656. Please fill in the following survey to get a FREE admission ticket. Hurry up and sign up NOW!