【TTA x CES2023】5D smart building platform – NCREE

National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE)

The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) is going to lead 96 of Taiwan most potential startups to full display their original solutions at CES 2023.

In response to the future development and application requirements of smart cities and the Internet of Things, the NCREE(National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering) has researched and developed a 5D smart building platform.

The “5D smart building platform” integrates the digital space with the dynamic and static data, establishes the relationship between three-dimensional (3D) model and surroundings, overlays actual scene (4D) with the real world, and interacts with 3D models. This platform was not only used for indoor environmental monitoring and power consumption information, In another application of platform, 5D was also used to analyze assessment of structural capacity under seismic loading.

國家地震工程研究中心(5D SmartES平台)

國科會將與96家臺灣科技新創團隊攜手,於CES 2023展期中展現用於智慧生活等場域的科技新創方案!

國家地震工程研究中心所研發的5D SmartES平台也作為當中的ㄧ員。所謂5D概念就是一個與真實世界同步智慧化的數位世界,也可以視為類似數位孿生概念的情境,5D SmartES平台的主旨其實就是創造一個真實世界相同的智慧化數位空間,可整合任何動靜態數據資訊、資料庫及IOT與3D 模型的高度人性化操作平台。5D智慧結構安全監測平台,使用上有別於傳統網頁做環境,採用是真實實景3D模型平台操作模式,高度可視化5D技術導入,縮短高階官觀管理者與各階層維護管理人員溝通介面,也提升快速取得震後損害樓層與空間及位置資訊