【TTA x CES2023】Nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to restructure water molecules –ELECLEAN


ELECLEAN uses nano-catalysis electrochemical technology to restructure water molecules to make Reactive Oxygen Species as disinfectant. During the reaction process, the electrochemical module recombines the hydrogen ions and oxygen ions of the water molecules into high-active oxygen disinfection water (Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS). Having water as the only material, ELECLEAN disinfectant water contains no chemical addition, no chlorine, and no ozone which is safe and effective. ELECLEAN disinfectant technology is dedicated to disinfectant usage, daily water usage, medical, and semiconductor industry. (For more information in detail, please visit the official website: https://eleclean.com.tw/en/)

創淨科技(ELECLEAN)運用專利技術,以電化學技術為核心,發明全球首創透過電化學反應將水分子轉變為高活性氧抗菌液(Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS)。ELECLEAN抗菌液即時製造機ELECLEAN消毒水以水為唯一原料,無化學添加、非氯系、無臭氧,安全有效。ELECLEAN消毒劑技術致力於消毒劑使用、日常用水、醫療和半導體行業。提供全人類一種更安全且有效的消毒防疫選擇。(了解更多公司訊息請參考官方網站: https://eleclean.com.tw/)